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Quran Translation Course

The Holy Quran is a collection of Holy commandments. And it is a unique source of guidance for all humankind till the Day of Judgment. Because the Holy Quran is in the Arabic language, the non-Arab peoples must understand it through its translation.

So, we have designed a translation of the Quran Course for male and female students who want to learn to translate of Quran. They can learn with the help of our experienced online Quran-qualified tutors. 

Our course is for all ages and genders over the globe. Some people think that learning the Quran’s translation is very difficult, but it is not the case. It’s effortless under the guidance of our qualified tutors. Hence you need to concentrate on the meanings of the Quran’s words, which gradually leads to the final destination.

Course Structure

What will you learn in Quran Translation Course?

In this course, the students are taught the Urdu and English translations of the Quran.

Students will understand basic Arabic and its meanings.

You will understand the instructions given to humankind by Allah.

You will learn the real purpose of their lives through interpretation.

After going through this course, students understand the real meaning of verses of the Quran. With us, you can get equipped with the Quran’s learning from professional and qualified online Quran tutors.

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