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Quran Tajweed Course

This course is specially designed for students who already completed the Quran Reading course. And for this course, students can read the Quran but want to improve their tajweed skills for recitation. This course will provide you the best practice to enhance your confidence while applying tajweed rules taught by our tutors in the primary level courses. One of the main principles of tajweed rules is repetition and a lot of practice for Quran reading. All Basic Tajweed rules will be covered along with reading practice throughout our main Quran courses.

Course Structure

Rules of Tajweed course Outline 

Makhaarij (points of articulation).

Rules of Stopping (Waqf).



Sun and Moon letters shape and sound.

Rules of Izhar-e-Halaqi, Ikhfa, Idgham-e-Yarmaloon, Iqlab.

Rules of Izhar-e-shafawi, Ikhfa-e-shafawi, Idgham-e-shafawi.

Reading Practice (Surah Al-Fatiha).

Reading Practice of Para 30.

Exercises with the laws of Tajweed

Course Requirements

This course is the follow-up course of the application of Tajweed Rules in the Quran Reading Course. Therefore, the student must know how to read Arabic words in an Arabic accent and must know Harakat, sukoon, madd, tanween, and shaddah. Hence students need to go through the Quran reading course first, and after that, students can start Tajweed Course quickly.

After going through this course, students can read the Holy Quran with the proper tajweed rules.

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