Terms & Fee Policy

Free Trial:

There are no conditions, and it is a 100% free trial. So, even Students can continue learning after the free trial. Besides, parents can discontinue the service if, for some reason, this service does not work for you and your child after the free trial.

Payment Of Fee:

The collection of the fee is to be done after the free trial classes are over. Moreover, the price must be deposited before starting classes. Thus, in rare cases, where parents assure the fee payment at a scheduled date, Academy can permit continuation classes. Moreover, In case of nonpayment, Academy will have the right to use all legal ways to recover the fee.

Cancellations Policy:

Students can cancel their agreement by giving one month’s prior notice.

Refund Policy:

If parents have paid a month’s fee but could not start any class of that month, the Full price will be returned. Moreover, if you have finished courses during a month, no payment will be given, and you will be charged the full monthly fee.

Public Holidays:

The fee is calculated every month, including the National/Eid holidays. Therefore there is no concession in fee for Government holidays.


Please send an email for your complaints to info[@]iquranschool.com

Aim Of This Policy:

IQuranschool do not accept any donations, and it runs on a small fee that we receive from our students. So, for learning, IQuranschool Academy provide a high-quality environment and an appropriate plan for children and adults. Also, we must remain financially viable while ensuring fee levels are at a reasonable level for parents.

Note: Our fee is not the fee of QURAN teaching. Moreover, it’s the time spending expense that a teacher spends on a student because no Muslim can even think that he can sell QURAN.

Terms And Conditions:

Before starting regular classes, you must agree to the following terms & conditions and policies, including any future improvements (collectively, the Contract):

After Free trial classes, you must pay the fee to continue lessons.

The IQuranschool online Academy has the right to end any classes if the monthly fee is not paid. However, in case of any issue, the academy should be informed beforehand.

Thus, if the teacher is unavailable at the class time due to any unusual reason, then the academy has the right to act in two ways: Hence, send a replacement teacher or arrange a make-up class on a day other than that, of course.

Moreover, if any student misses the classes due to any reason, it is entirely up to the teacher’s choice to have makeup classes.

Moreover, the maximum duration for a class is thirty minutes. Thus, the period may vary depending on the circumstances, such as lesson difficulty and need.

Inaddition to this any rude or offensive behaviour towards the tutor or any other staff member will result in an immediate suspension.

The IQuranschool Academy has the right to replace any teacher at any time.

Occasional holidays for students and teachers alike, Thus, they are paid holidays for teachers. Therefore, the fee will be charged during these holidays.

The IQuran Academy holds the right to bring in changes to our terms and conditions.

If students want the same teacher and time after coming back from vacation, thus, they have to reserve their teacher and time by paying 50% of the tuition fee for that period in advance.

So, in its sole discretion, we may modify or revise these Terms of Service and policies at any time, and you agree to be bound by such changes or amendments. You should regularly review the most up-to-date version.

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