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Normally kids start Quran learning at the age of 5 which is the first step towards becoming a good Muslim in Muslim Families. So, the muslim parents have to teach Quran to their kids so that they can understand the teaching of Islam and Allah Almighty. Moreover, parents must take some time out of their daily busy routines to teach about Islamic values. So, some Muslim families are living in non-Muslim countries and want to make their children familiar with Islam and Quran. But, due to the unavailability of local Quran tutors, they remain denied this great opportunity. Thus, those days are gone that you have to wait to find a local Quran Tutor for your Kids within your area. Moreover, now many Online Quran Tutors are providing Quran teaching services at the comfort of your homes. In addition to this it is becoming very popular in Muslim families living in the USA, UK, Canada, UAE, Australia, and, European countries. So, Online Quran Tutors provide Quran learning with tajweed rules to Muslim kids over the world.

Quran learning for Kids V/s Adults

It is relatively easier to teach the Quran to kids as compared to adults. So, there are various reasons for it, firstly a kid’s mind is fresh like a blank sea and it has more ability to learn. Moreover, compared to an adult, one is more likely to learn for a longer period. Thus, secondly learning Quran for adults becomes a hurdle because they can’t attempt it due to a busy routine. However, adults have more duties to do therefore they ignore this important task of life. Hence, though it is difficult to learn the Quran for an adult it should not stop. Thus, understanding the Quran translation and tajweed rules become easier by a Tutor for Kids. Moreover, they give you more information about Islam and Quran. Besides, learning the Quran properly can help you to spread the message of the Quran in a better way.

Finding a best Quran Tutor for kids

You will get hundreds of Quran tutor websites on your browser. Go through top online Quran tutors websites and engage 2 to 3 Quran tutors who you think are good for your kids. So, online Quran tutor will take few trial classes to help you out with your final choice. Moreover, you can ask about available time options and choose the best one for your kids. But, many Quran tutors offer flexible timings and you can select according to your kid’s routine. So, if one of your family friends has already hired the Quran tutor then you can hire the same tutor for free trial classes for your kids. Thus, in this way, you can save time to find the right option.

Our Online Quran Tutors

IQuranschool Academy is playing its role in Quran learning by providing the best online Quran Tutors for your Kids. So, we have both male and female Quran tutors. Therefore, you will be given a female Quran Tutor for your kids and Islamic sisters on your demand. Moreover, if you are living in an area where there is no local Quran Tutor available for your kids. So,  then our Online Quran tutors are the best option for you.

Most Of The Quran Tutors Are
  • Qari-e-Quran (Have completed Qira’t course)
  • Hafiz-e-Quran (Have memorized whole Quran)
  • Well aware of the Rules of Tajweed.
  • Graduates in Islamic Studies from highly reputed institutions.
  • Well-trained to teach the Quran online.
  • Have an excellent command of English, Arabic, and Urdu languages to deliver lectures to students.
  • Highly motivated and understand the complexities dressed in this profession.

You and your kids will learn the Quran and Islam from our well-trained and expert Quran Tutors. So, they are assigned and dedicated to spreading the light of the Quran. Moreover, our respected tutors will help your kids to learn the Quran just by sitting at your home without traveling to the local Quran Academy or madrassa. However, parents can also observe the progress of their kids at home and they can share their feedback with us. Thus, we warmly welcome parent’s suggestions and feedback.

Learning Path

For Kids, it is better to arrange Quran classes once they have come from morning school. So, try not to opt for a 2 to 3 days class/week especially for beginners because they forget the lesson with a long gap in the classes. 2 or 3 days/week class is good for kids who already completed the Quran once. So, you should start with at least 5 days/week class for kids and after the Noorani, Qaida course decreases it to 3 days/week

Personal Quran Tutor: Some Muslim Families are living in a non-Muslim country and they may have difficulties finding a local Quran Tutor for Kids. Many parents can’t teach Quran to their kids at home due to their busy life. If a local Quran tutor isn’t ready to teach you at your home then the only feasible option is to go to the local Mosque. Your kids will share a single tutor with 20 to 30 students in a class in a local Quran center. Finding a local private Quran tutor may take you days and weeks in non-Muslim Countries. Therefore, our online Quran Academy is the best solution to teach the Quran to your kids online at home.

Video 48 Min  + 2 Min read to complete

Our Online Quran Tutors give your kids the chance to plan the time around the rest of their day, instead of the other day. A flexible time for Quran Tutor helps them to manage their work and other activities. Also, your kid can go from lunch or playtime exact to an online Quran class. There is no need to change clothes, pack a lunch, or drive to reach the Quran Academy. Your home is your kid’s classroom. The class can happen anytime when your kid wants! Your kids can connect with an online Quran Tutor from any location around the world.

Video 48 Min  + 2 Min read to complete

Our Online Quran Tutor is focused on each student. There is no concern about synchronization and contrast with other students. Without classmate’s jokes or otherwise confusion, kids can control their learning environment that satisfies their needs best. Kids can improve as fast as they need to. It acts on your kid’s learning ability.

Our Online Quran Tutors for Kids are more affordable than traditional schools. And Our Quran Academy charges are very low. For example, there are no driving costs and required course stuff. Reading materials are also accessible online without any charges.

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