Online Quran Memorization Classes For Kids And Adults

Our online Quran Academy has arranged an online Hifz plan for kids and adults (both male and female) with our qualified Quran tutors. This course is for all Muslims all over the world. Some of you think that memorizing the Quran with the rules of tajweed is very challenging. We know it’s not an easy task. There are more than six thousand verses in the Quran, but our expert online Quran teachers help your kids achieve the goal easily. Your kids must have to concentrate on the lesson, and it will gradually lead to the final goal.

Course Structure

What will your kids learn in Quran Memorization Course?

  • You will memorize the whole Quran with correct pronunciation in an Arabic accent.
  • You will be given a new lesson for memorization daily.
  • Evaluation of the previous lesson every week.
  • Alliance of all old lessons.

After going through this course, students can read the Holy Quran by heart with the correct pronunciation.

We Strive For Excellence

I Quran Academy know the importance of the Holy Quran. And we also know how important it is for all Muslims to learn and practices the Quran with tajweed rules.

  • We offer the system of Skype Quran Classes over the globe.
  • We also have separate Online Quran Classes for Kids to learn faster within a favorable environment.
  • With our online platform, kids will be able to Learn Quran Word By Word.
  • We made Online Quran Learning easier and more effective.
  • We offer different courses for different ages of people and genders.
  • We provide people to give their best to Learn to Read Quran with proper tajweed rules.
  • However, we also allow you to use our platform, mainly to Learn Quran for Kids.

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