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What is online Quran teaching?

It is one on one live meeting with a telecommunication application that gives internet voice calls and screen sharing on computers, tablets, and mobile devices. These live meetings enable students to interact with Quran teachers from any device with internet access. By giving a human touch to Islamic learning, we offer students to learn The Holy Quran effectively. We also provide an online learning experience through modern technology.

Is online Quran teaching helpful?

Our experience proves one to one online Quran teaching is more effective, friendly, and useful. Let's try your free trial session with us with no commitment to form your mind about its usefulness.

Are You Providing These Lessons From A CD or Software?

IQuranschool is providing you an online teaching service. Our website provides information about our best services. Real teaching is conducted by a live Quran teacher at your proper time. Also, students can read the learning material and Quran lessons which are provided by our website.

How can parents check their kid's performance?

Parents can always watch and listen to their kids’ tutors during classes on Zoom. And parents can also check their kid’s performance through our quarterly progressive reporting system. Every month, we send a report to parents about what has been done and what will have been done within the coming months.

Do we have any course materials?

Yes, we have (digital Quran, tajweed, arabic, and Islamic studies books) and we will provide our students with all materials that they need once they join the academy in sha Allah. Our respective tutors or Support team will send student’s direct links to course material to browse, read, or download.

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What if we are not computer or internet expert users?

Our respective teachers especially guide you and your child through the basic installation process before starting the classes. we always ensure that it takes less than a minute to be online and start taking classes. Students just need a very basic awareness of a computer and the internet. They do not need any computer expert to take classes or download the lessons.


Who are the courses designed for?

Our courses and lessons are designed for adults & children, Male as well as Female students belonging to all languages and from any part of the world.


Do you only teach Quran?

No, we also offer other courses such as Quran memorization and Islamic studies. see courses


What if I am waiting online and my tutor is not there?

In this case, please contact the coordinator or call us on our phone number which is providing on the website.


How would online classes take place?

Classes will be organized at student's flexible time. Software (Skype and zoom) will be used for the classes. The screen of Tutor will be shared by the student by which the Quran learning will be easy. Also, online audio chatting will be held during the same task.

What is the difference between I Quran Academy and others?

Our online Quran Academy is an organization. It’s main purpose providing with a suitable learning environment with their teachers. Some other institutes charge more (fees for the organization itself+ fees for tutors +other fees) but I Quran Academy provides you the best learning environment at an affordable fee. • Personalized ONE to ONE online classes • Flexible Timings • Every month's progress reports • High qualified tutors • Hire Arab tutors for Arabic accent • Friendly learning environment for you and your kids • 24/7 best services for students

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