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Our tutors can teach very well to all students of any age. So, don’t wait now and register yourself and your kids for Online Quran Learning Classes and Islamic Classes. All our Quran Tutors have excellent knowledge about Islam and the Holy Quran. And most of our tutors are Hafiz-e-Quran and Alim/Alima.

Our Online Quran Tutors have an excellent command of Arabic, English, and Urdu language. They can teach all the ages and genders of students according to the level of the students. Therefore, students can learn and read the Quran Online and take Islamic Classes. Quran and Islamic Courses through our I Quran School and experience it for yourself and your kids. With us, you can get equipped with the learning of the Quran courses from our online professional and qualified Quran tutors.

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Course 1

Norani Qaida Course

Enroll in Norani Qiada course to learn proper phonetics of Arabic alphabets in addition to rules of tajweed..

Norani Qaida Couse

Complete Arabic phonetics course which enables you to read Quran with proper tajweed.
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Course 2

Quran Memorization Course

Enroll in Quran memorization course and memorize whole Quran online from the comfort of your home.

Quran Memorization Course

"The best among us are those who learn and teach Quran" Muhmmad PBUH.
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Course 3

Islamic Studies Course

This course is designed for people of all age to learn the basics of islam, Salah, Quran and sunnah of Propet Muhammad and much more.

Islamic Studies Course

Enroll and learn the basics of Islam to become a better muslim.
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Course 4

Quran Reading Course

Learn how to read Quran with proper tajweed with our great tutors.

Quran Reading Course

Enroll in Quran reading course.
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Course 5

Quran Tajweed Course

Learn all about Tajweed to read Quran with a proper pronunciation just like an Arab would do 1400 years ago.

Quran Tajweed Course

Learn and enable yourself to read Quran like an Arab.
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Course 6

Quran Translation Course

Understand the message of every verse of Quran by enrolling in Quran translation course.

Quran Translation Course

Enroll and understand the true meaning of Quran.
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